Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend activities

I bought some goodies on Etsy this weekend and this is one of them - millefiori beads from this store. I am trying not to buy finished jewelry unless it's something really extraordinary that I absolutely could not make myself, and so far I've managed to restrain myself on that. But I have to buy some beads once in a while, at least! (I also did another Fire Mountain order while I was at it - more Czech beads and a lot of those brass heishi I like so much, and a few other odds and ends.)

The March Botmo box arrived, a huge box since it's actually two months' worth of the "Mother of All Magpie" size - I had ordered an extra month when Elise had her clearance sale a few weeks ago. This month's theme was water and the one I got from last year was something about mermaids so it really felt like they all went together. Late last night, I decided that I had to have aquamarine earrings and so I threw the two that (sort of) matched onto wires with a couple of copper heishi. I suspect that I will probably end up redoing them later. Silver really seems to go better with that pale aqua color, but at the time I liked the copper, and it does look cute. Anyway, they will do for now! (There may possibly be a picture later.)

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