Monday, June 13, 2011


I said the other day that I haven't been doing anything artsy in recent months, but actually that's not true - I've been going to some Stampin Up demos and classes, which I have been enjoying a lot. So while it may not be original artwork, I still come home with really cute cards all finished, which is great!

So here's some of the stuff I made at the last class. I doubt I would ever in a million years have made these flowers on my own, because they were kinda tedious to make. But it was sort of fun with a group!

(Also, these were taken on my iPhone, in the kitchen because it was the best light I could find at the time. But they're not bad, for all that.)

All of these were made with the same punch. The one above was sprayed with gold Smooch.

This particular class always includes a cardholder of some kind.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Malma again

I did a post back several months ago about the things you can do with Ikea Malma mirrors, and Ikea hackers just popped up with another one I really like, done with a laser etcher. I posted it to Pinterest under the heading Craft Supplies I Crave, although I'm not sure it's entirely true that I crave a laser etcher. Or at least, I only crave it in the way that a gadget-crazy person craves the latest and greatest iPad, if you know what I mean. I probably am a bit gadget-crazy, especially when it comes to art-related gadgets. I don't know what I'd do with a laser etcher if I had one, but wouldn't it be fun to play with?

I really haven't been doing much artsy stuff lately, which is why I haven't been heard from much over here. I'm taking another Claudine Hellmuth class this month, though, so if I actually manage to get anything seriously in progress, there will be updates.