Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So here's some of the earrings I was making early last year:

Glass leaf earrings

I think that I mentioned the green leaf beads in that past post - I never have seen any more beads like that to this day. Meanwhile, one thing I spent a lot of time making in that period was a lot of pairs of earrings like the ones on the left - I'm not quite as enamored of them as I was at the time, but they are still pretty nice earrings. They swing around and look cute, but they're not too big and/or showy to wear to work and such. I did a lot of variations on them, but they were all sort of similar to that: a bigger Czech bead, a smaller round or bicone in a coordinating color, and a couple of daisy or heishi spacers. It's a really quick pair of earrings to make, for one thing.

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