Monday, September 28, 2009

Patterns and details

I worked on my skull necklace some last night. Part of me wants to stop here and call it finished, but another part of me is not convinced. I suspect that it is still going to undergo some more changes. (There is a picture of it on LJ and flickr and they should be making their way over here soon, but I'm not going to stop to find it right now. I am on a break from studying so I shouldn't take too long about this.)

I have been adding lots of jewelry blogs to my "follow" list, which I think you can see if you look at my profile, right? I have to get used to Blogger again, I haven't used it in a while. (I will add the Followers widget when I have some followers, which I don't right now. I am confident that some people will wander along, eventually, though.) Right now the ones I have are inclined to be heavy on the seed-bead people, which is not my thing to make, really, but I love to look at it. It's an awful lot like I was with applique when I was making quilts, actually - I admire it, I love to look at it, I just don't do it. I've already done more with seed beads than I ever did with applique, but the principle still applies. I'm just not a detail person, and those little bitty beads and little bitty applique stitches both give me a headache.

I'm not even sure it's true that I'm not a detail person, now that I think about it. I fuss around about the details of things, that's not it. I just like to start with more simple projects, I guess you'd say. And I'm not really into following patterns, and for seed beads and applique, both, you pretty much have to follow a pattern, or make your own. I love to look at books and magazines full of patterns for beautiful jewelry - but I rarely really follow the pattern. Often I use the pattern as sort of a guide, and I may come out with something sort of similar to the pattern but not exactly. I don't know how common this is. I know from quilting that some people seem to be much more inclined to really stick with patterns than I am, though.

Anybody out there? What do you think?

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