Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A little organization

I cleaned up my jewelry table today. I'm not sure you're going to be able to tell, really, but here it is in its glory:

The post in the foreground belongs to my big Ott-light. It gets used a lot to hang necklaces on, as you can see. (Those are some of my crocheted Christmas necklaces that I've been playing with, that you can see there.) The gigantic bone dragonfly bead came from my last order from Szarka - it's so oversized I can't see wearing it, really, so I made it into a decoration. (I love dragonflies, though - I couldn't resist getting it.)

Well, anyway, you may notice that the table isn't exactly spotless, but it looks much better than it did. I wish I'd thought to take a "before" picture, but I'm not sure I would have had the guts to post it, anyway. It was pretty awful.

Below is part 3 of the shopping blitz from the quilt festival, Sonoran Beads. One reason the pictures are late is that I liked their packaging so much I had to stop and figure out where to get boxes like that before I would take it apart. I get a bit obsessive-compulsive about things like that sometimes. (Here's a paper version of those boxes; they are apparently called "pillow boxes" or "pillow pouches".) I'm not planning to copy their exact packaging, which involved the clear plastic version and a large postcard inside, but since I'm planning for my Etsy store I'm definitely researching packaging options. Anyway, here's their packaging that I liked so much:

Sort of simple but effective, I thought.

And here's what was inside:

Except for the little porcelain cubes on the left, it's all boro glass, and it's gorgeous. I could have bought way more stuff than I did.

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