Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eye candy

I bought a copy of the December Elle magazine, because I have to get my fashion fix once in a while. (If you'd ever seen me in person and seen how I dress, you'd know the real irony of this. Nevertheless, it's true.) It turned out to be chock-full of jewelry, presumably because, as we all know, nothing says "true love" like an incredibly overpriced colorless rock. -- Oops, sorry. Pet peeve of mine. Well, anyway, most of the jewelry was not even made of said overpriced rock, but out of other, slightly-less-overpriced rocks.

(The fact is, I got into jewelry-making in the first place primarily because I was too cheap to pay full price for jewelry. The retail jewelry industry is just lucky there are women out there who aren't like me.)

So in any case, there was some really pretty stuff:

Also, apparently there are other lines of add-a-bead bracelets besides Pandora and Trollbeads. Who knew? (Lots of people, probably - but not me, until today.)

Actually, if I cared to spend a large amount of money on one of these - and don't think it hasn't crossed my mind - the one that I really have a bit of a yen for is Trollbeads, because they have the cutest clasps and also a bigger selection of lampwork beads than Pandora.

(Not that I would buy red and green, really, but I think that one is very cute, too.)


Cathryn said...

We are twin souls--I got into jewelry making because I needed to fix and/or repair my pieces that I broke through wear and tear; and because I couldn't find what I wanted in the price range I wanted it at.

Pretty things! Love being a woman!

Mel said...

Hee, yeah, the repair issue was in the equation someplace too - but mostly it was because I kept looking at $100 beaded watches and going, "Man, I could make that." So eventually I did!