Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A little case of buyer's remorse

Things I bought from Ornamentea in the middle of the night last night:
  1. preordered Steampunk Style Jewelry (because you getgot freebies with it - I may have gotten in at the very very last minute on that one, because the freebies aren't there any more)
  2. the "Getting Started with Amazing Glaze" kit - even though I already have a different brand of resin that I haven't done anything with yet. This one comes with stamps! (I'm hoping that will prod me, somehow.)
  3. a shrink plastic sampler and the sanding blocks that go with it
  4. a couple of charms and clasps which, darnit, does not seem to include the handcuff charms (seriously, I coulda sworn I ordered them! I'm totally not joking) but does include a lock and key toggle
  5. Elaine Ray lentil beads, because that color is yummy
  6. some scrapbook paper that I thought was pretty. Maybe I'll put it in the resin charms!
  7. some waxed linen, because I am still obsessed with stringing materials
It could have been worse, I took a $45 item out of my basket before I checked out. And I'm mostly kidding about buyer's remorse, I'm not feeling much more remorse than I do about anything else I buy these days. Until I have tried every form of jewelry-making known to manwoman, I will never be safe.

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Cathryn said...

*grins* It doesn't sound like too much buyer's remorse there. I ordered a bunch of beads from a new crafter I found. This was--of course--after I swore not do so. But they were yummy. And my birthday is coming up soon. And I'm trying not to order another $30 set of beads from her. :D