Sunday, February 13, 2011

Layered stamps

I still have not gotten hold of any of Claudine Hellmuth's layered stamps, and I still really want to. Here's Claudine doing a quick demo (I think this will embed right, cross your fingers):

Scrap Time - Claudine Hellmuth's Creative Layer Stamps from Mark Giles on Vimeo.

As I said at some length last summer, I am a huge fan of all of Claudine's products - I haven't changed my mind about that at all, in the interim. (And no, she's not paying me in any way to say so. Just a happy customer.) Her paints in particular are wonderful. And if you haven't used her Sticky-Back Canvas, you're missing something - the ring she's wearing in the video is made out of it! It has so many uses.


Cathryn said...

I like reviews from Happy Customers! They are the best! I'm thinking about getting into card making for our Christmas cards but...then I'll miss sending all those fabulous cards from my favorite card artists! LOL It's a dilemma, I tell you!

Mel said...

I usually send a pretty large number of Christmas cards, and I figure I'll never make enough hand-made ones to send to my whole list. (So far I have only ever sent a few hand-made ones at a time, really.) So I still get the pleasure of buying some, too!!