Monday, January 10, 2011


"Malma" is the name of a mirror that you can buy at Ikea - this one, to be exact:
It's 10" square and is usually available in a couple of different stains, for $2.99. (Reportedly Michael's sometimes has a knock-off version for $1.) I bought a couple of the dark-stained ones the last time I went to Ikea, back before Christmas, and today I went looking for the original tutorial I saw, the one that made me want to buy these, and so far I can't find it. Darn. However, I did figure out that decorating these mirrors is apparently sort of a cottage industry - or at least a crafting staple.

Ikea hacker emulsion mirrors (look at the bottom of this post for more Malma links)
Mosaic mirror
Headboard made of Malma mirrors
Paper mosaic mirror
Another paper one

See what I mean? They go on and on, and none of these are the one I started out looking for!

(Note: if you google this like I did, you will also find lots of posts for "how to hang a Malma mirror" - apparently there's a trick to it. Or, you can use adhesive squares like the person who made the headboard did!)

I also love this mirror from Cathie Filian, which is a hack of a different Ikea mirror!

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Cathryn said...

I have a friend who love to turn these mirrors into a craft project so I'm excited to pass this on to her! Thanks!