Friday, August 27, 2010

Amazon bargains

You never know what you're going to find on Amazon, and how much they're going to feel like charging that day. For example, I found a blog post (unfortunately I no longer remember where it was!) that featured a couple of pages from Print & Stamp Lab: 52 Ideas for Handmade, Upcycled Print Tools. So I looked it up on Amazon, and lo and behold, they happened to have it on sale for $5 and change. So I am now the proud owner of that book. It's got some pretty great ideas in it, so it's definitely worth the five bucks. I wish the other two books in the series (Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun and Collage Lab: Experiments, Investigations, and Exploratory Projects) were also on sale, but apparently not. The ways of Amazon are mysterious, as I said.

Aside: aha! here is the excerpt - on Craftside.

I found another thing unexpectedly on sale the other day, and that was the Cuttlebug Machine for Die-Cutting and Embossing with Bonus Tool Kit for $39.99. That's a good price, so if anybody's been waffling, I would recommend grabbing that one because you never know how long that price will last. (Full disclosure: I do theoretically get a small cut of the dough if you buy one though my link, as you probably already know. Since I have yet to actually ever even make the threshhold to get a $10 gift certificate, however, you'll have to forgive me for not taking that part of it very seriously!) Watch what price it gives you, though, because, for example, if you click on this link instead: Cuttlebug Die-Cutting and Embossing Machine - the price jumps over $20. Go figure.

(Added: aaaand as predicted, the price has changed. See below for the latest.)

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