Monday, August 16, 2010

Watches, part 2

Here's the Swarovski-bead watch I talked about in the last entry, and then I also I finished the watch that was unfinished at the time:

The little cube beads are some that I bought from Sonoran Beads last fall at the quilt show (they're in this post - and they're on sale on their website at the moment, too, I notice!) The spacers in with the cube beads are some I had on hand - they work really well, but I think they're really, really cheap - they may even be that metallicized plastic stuff. But oh well, they look fine, and nobody but me will probably ever notice! It's this last one and the coppery one from the last entry that I've been wearing like crazy all week - the Swarovski one just seems too elegant from every day, and the blue stretch one is just the tiniest bit snug - I may have to either remake it for myself or give it to somebody else. It's already occurred to me that these would make really terrific Christmas gifts, anyway!

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