Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tumbling down

I think I mentioned before that I've been playing around with Tumblr, and actually I've been using it lately at least as much I've been using Twitter, or probably more. I enjoy Twitter, but Tumblr is a lot more versatile - and unlike Blogger it can figure out what size to make an embedded YouTube video without me having to figure it out for myself! My Tumblr account is called Delicious Color, rather than Delicious Beads. I'm not intending to stop updating here - as a matter of fact I may well do Nablopomo in November, like I did last year, and post daily - but things like random pictures and video and such are probably going on Tumblr. It's just easier.

I realized something in the last year or so, and it's the reason for the shift of name - and that's that my love of color runs a lot deeper than my love of any particular craft. I used to say I liked quilting because it was like coloring, except with fabric instead of crayons, and I think I like beading and, lately, painting things, for exactly the same reason. It's all about the color. I'm not intending to change the name of this journal any time soon, though. (I did register Delicious Color on Blogspot and Etsy as well as Tumblr, just the same, though, just in case I decide in the future I want to!)

Here's another book I was leafing through in the bookstore the other day. (Amazon links probably will stay here, for the most part, partly because that's something that Blogger does make easy!)

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