Friday, November 12, 2010


So I fell down the stairs three weeks ago and hurt my feet - I know I'm darn lucky I didn't actually break something, like my head - but my feet are still achy enough that I skipped the quilt show this year and I'm still aggravated about that. I was intending to go right up until the last minute, but I finally decided that it was a bad, bad idea, given the amount of walking involved, and I think that was the right decision but I'm also still sorry I missed it. I'll get over it eventually. I was actually intending to take some pictures this year too. (The background there is that I used to take LOTS of pictures at the quilt show - as in hundreds - and the last couple of years I went cold-turkey and didn't take any. So there's a history with me and the quilt show pictures.)

There has actually been a bit of crafty stuff going on around here, off and on - for one thing I went to my first-ever Stampin' Up demo, and enjoyed it immensely. So I will probably be going to some more of those. I've also started making a new set of (smaller) jump-rings for my Scrap Box Bracelet, so that I'll actually wear it, hopefully, and then I'm also working on an advent calendar. I found a board one that looks more or less like this (assembled but completely unfinished) at a craft store. I bought it a couple of months ago, and I'm not actually sure which store I bought it at, either JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby, I think. I'm currently planning on finishing it fairly plainly, at least for this year. I've been putting gesso on it and I might put a layer of paint on top of that, and then I'm just going to put colored numbers (probably printed out from the printer) on it and stop, for now. Next year I might do those cute things with the paper cut out to fit the box-fronts and such, but this year I'll do good to get numbers on the thing. And soon - very soon - I've got to start working on the Christmas gifts that I promised to make.

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Cathryn said...

I hope you're doing much better now! I hate it when I mess something up on my person!

I'm catching up on my posts after my long absence...