Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Malma again

I did a post back several months ago about the things you can do with Ikea Malma mirrors, and Ikea hackers just popped up with another one I really like, done with a laser etcher. I posted it to Pinterest under the heading Craft Supplies I Crave, although I'm not sure it's entirely true that I crave a laser etcher. Or at least, I only crave it in the way that a gadget-crazy person craves the latest and greatest iPad, if you know what I mean. I probably am a bit gadget-crazy, especially when it comes to art-related gadgets. I don't know what I'd do with a laser etcher if I had one, but wouldn't it be fun to play with?

I really haven't been doing much artsy stuff lately, which is why I haven't been heard from much over here. I'm taking another Claudine Hellmuth class this month, though, so if I actually manage to get anything seriously in progress, there will be updates.

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