Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Valentines

Cute heart pins from Margot Potter (and some permission-free vintage images to use with them!)
Beaded heart suncatcher from Ornamentea - there's no pattern but it looks like you'd be able to wing it pretty easily.

Sand Fibers has great downloadable heart cuff patterns and a sale on things with a heart on them!

I suppose it's too late to get other online purchases in time for V-day unless you pay for express shipping or something (which is why I've been concentrating on posting links to tutorials instead) but Chinook Jewelry's hearts are the cutest thing ever. And it's not like you can't wear them the rest of the year, of course!

Adorable valentine images at The Graphics Fairy
Valentines from Alexa at The Swell Life
Labels for Valentine CDs from the nice Chronicle Books people

As for me, I have not actually done any Valentine crafts this year, nor have I sent anybody cards, which I do most years. Instead, I have been painting paper-mache eggs. Go figure. I have been experimenting and don't really have too much finished yet, but I am not going to post any pictures of those until closer to Easter, in any case. So you just get to wonder about what I'm up to for a while! (I'm sure you're gonna be on pins & needles...)


Cathryn said...

I only give my husband Valentine's Day goodies. I'm concentrating on building an Easter Cookie Basket recipe log so I can bake some cookies to give away!

Thanks for the links--they will come in handy!

Margot Potter said...

Thanks so much for the Linky Love. Your eggs sound intriguing...


Carol Dean said...

Thank you for the blog love ;) The sale is actually on anything with red or pink in it. All they have to do is wish me a Happy Valentine's day in the Notes to Seller to receive a 10% refund. This is for patterns as well. :D

Take care!
Carol Dean (aka Sand Fibers)

Mel said...

Thanks Madge! Although I suspect they'd be even more intriguing if I was a better painter - but it's a learning experience and I'm improving!