Monday, February 1, 2010

Vampire couture

I'm still being all obsessed with True Blood, so it's not surprising that I noticed the jewelry some of the characters are wearing, I guess:

This is from Season 1, the first time we see the vampire bar Fangtasia. In the book, it's explained that these vampire bars are wildly successful because they cater to tourists and "fangbangers" (basically, vampire groupies) and so to make it work, the local vampires have to spend a certain amount of time a week sitting around in the bar looking all broody and vampire-ish, playing on human expectations of how vampires look and act. So it makes a good bit of sense that this necklace and earring set, while cute, looks like it's something that came from Macy's or somewhere. (Hot Topic, maybe.) Actually I swear I've seen it before.

(In the same scenes, the human heroine Sookie wears a red-and-white sundress and a really cute pair of tiny red dangly earrings. So she's color-coordinated but sort of anti-goth.)

(Picture from a screencap.)


Cathryn said...

A neice and a couple of godchildren are into the Vampire rage right now because of Twilight...I like the picture you showed--that's classic!

Mel said...

I haven't been able to work up much interest in the Twilight books/movies - I wasn't much interested in True Blood, really, until I saw it and found out it was actually funny and very different from everything else I've ever seen with vampires in it. (I'm same way about things with zombies in them - I only like them if they're funny.)