Saturday, February 13, 2010

Red and pink

Does anybody but me dislike red roses? I mean, there's not anything really wrong with them per se, they're just kind of boring. Especially at Valentine's Day, when it's hard to find anything but. So I was happy to see this article at D*S with something different: black hearts. Which are really beautiful.

The colors you see this time of year are pretty boring, on the whole. Valentine's stuff tends to be bright red and just a couple of shades of pink (and then the roses, which are not really bright red but a couple of shades darker - I guess true bright red roses are not an easy thing to achieve). I like red, and I like pink, too, I just think that people who make commercial Valentine merchandise could be a little more imaginative about the colors they use.

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Cathryn said...

No you aren't the only woman who doesn't like red roses. I don't really care for roses at all but if I have to have a choice--make them yellow!