Monday, January 25, 2010

Beader's Color Palette

This isn't a new book and I'm sure y'all know all about it already, but I wandered by Margie Deeb's website and was interested to see that The Beader's Color Palette: 20 Creative Projects and 220 Inspired Combinations for Beaded and Gemstone Jewelry had been chosen as one of Library Journal's Best Books of 2009. It is a really good book.

(I love books about color, anyway, and I suppose I'm sort of a color junkie in general. I'll have to do a post about color one day.)


Cathryn said...

You've given me a new project! Thanks! I haven't heard of this book, being stuck here in the boondocks like I am!

Margie Deeb said...

Thank you for posting my book. You said you love color books, and there is more than a book's worth of free information on my website at the Margie's Muse section. You may want to subscribe to get alerted when I publish new info each month.

author of "The Beader's Color Palette" and "The Beader's Guide to Color"