Friday, January 29, 2010

Letter pendant

I got my order from Paper Wishes a couple of days ago, and prodded by that, I finally got around to trying the Amazing Glaze I bought from Ornamentea before Christmas. The result wasn't perfect but it came out pretty cute, so I'm happy with it as a first try!

The picture is a little out of focus but at least you can get the idea. This is a pendant made by Nunn Designs - it's heavier and deeper than a lot of the bezels you see, and I really like them. This piece is about 3/4" so it's small enough that you could put it on a charm bracelet, if you wanted, but I'm thinking I'm going to wear it as a pendant.

This is what I did: first I cut a piece of background paper and glued it into the bottom - but then I eventually covered that up completely and I don't think it ended up being visible at all. The initial is one of these - I glued it down, too, and then I put more glue on top and on the sides of the paper initial and poured some Delicas in (mostly brown with a few pale ones) and pushed them towards the outside edge. I didn't worry too much about which way the Delicas fell - some have the hole visible and some don't, I just tried to get them distributed more or less evenly around the edges. But I didn't try to make everything perfectly even, either. All of that moving stuff around, and the wetness from the glue, ended up distressing the initial a little bit, but that was fine with me. After I gave the glue a while to dry, I started pouring in Amazing Glaze - it's a powder, like really, really fine grains of sand. I baked it for about 10 minutes at 275F, until the powder had melted completely. (I didn't set the timer, I just checked it every couple of minutes.) The glaze wasn't deep enough on the first try, but I put more in and tried again, and second time I mounded it up a good bit and it came out just about even with the top of the bezel, once it was melted, and I decided that was fine. There's one tiny little bubble over the bottom of the letter but I can live with that. I probably wasn't careful enough with how I added things. Anyway, it's cute and it was awfully easy, so I call that a definite win!

(Looking at the website, apparently Nunn Designs is the same as what's called Patera jewelry - I wasn't sure.)

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Cathryn said...

Interesting! Thanks for showing us the steps!