Tuesday, January 19, 2010

True Blood

I've gotten really hooked on the HBO vampire series "True Blood" - to the point that I've also been reading the novels (most of which are in the box set which will be pictured at right if I can get all this to work right - just in case here is the link: Sookie Stackhouse 8-copy Boxed Set ). I like these books so much that I read all eight of them already. But I'm still in the middle of watching the series, and while googling fan sites, I discovered that there is also a "True Blood" branded line of jewelry. The jewelry itself didn't so much blow me away, I was more interested in the fact that it existed at all. I imagine that there is more of this kind of thing around, but the only other movie/tv tie-in jewelry that I could think of right off was the Lord of the Rings line, which was mostly copies of pieces actually featured in the movies - Arwen's pendant, for example, and the One Ring itself. (People apparently use the One Ring as a wedding ring, sometimes, which I think is really weird, considering that the ring is supposed to be evil. But y'know, you can't tell fans anything.)

(And I know, it's a little weird of me to mock fans when I was just burbling about my own fannish tendencies above. I'm a huge Tolkien geek, too, but I still wouldn't use "the ring" for my wedding ring. I try to keep my  fannishness to a fairly reasonable level. Plus, I don't even wear rings, normally - I don't even wear my own wedding ring, actually. I've been told that's kind of weird, too, but that's another subject.)

Anyway, here's one of the True Blood pieces:

It's pretty, but I wouldn't pay nearly $900 for it. (I guess that is a real ruby, though.)

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Cathryn said...

Ok--you got me. It's really pretty but $900?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I don't wear my wedding ring either and for various reasons. :D