Monday, July 12, 2010


(I don't know where I stole "administrivia" from - somebody I read somewhere uses it though. I'd guess it was my friend Col; at least it sounds like him. In any case, it always seems very apropos.)

I just wanted to say, what with my readership apparently burgeoning and everything - I have nine whole followers now! - that I am so far resisting changing my comment settings, even though I have been picking up some (apparent) comment spam. So here is my rule: if you make a comment with no noticeable connection whatsoever to the subject matter, and you're not somebody I know in the slightest, and it has a link in it (or alternatively if it's entirely in a script I can't read, like Chinese, and it has a link) with no apparent connection, either, then I am going to assume you're a spammer and delete it, if I notice. Just to clarify. Relevant links are fine, and are in fact encouraged. I love links, in general. I'd just ideally like my comment section not to be a big swamp of spam.

I also worked on my sidebar a little - I added a few papercraft stores that I particularly like, and rearranged things a bit. As always, it's a work in progress!


Kirsti said...

Aaaw there is nothing worse than those comments you get in gobbldegook or I have had a lot of chinese ones lately!!!

Hope you are having fun with Claudine...I am itchng to get started with the resist class but still awiting for my ink pad to arrive...take care and have a great day!!!...x

Mel said...

I get Hebrew spam on one of my gmail accounts, as well as Chinese and Cyrillic. Spammers are very international.

I still haven't gotten hold of a Ranger watermark pad - I even made a special trip to Hobby Lobby looking for one, and they didn't have it! But I had the little Perfect Medium pad that came with the Perfect Pearls set, and it worked fine. I still have not finished up all the projects for this week, either, though. Maybe I'll go bray some paint after while, come to think of it!