Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Watermark resist

It just occurred to me that I never did post the picture of my latest bit of classwork here:

This is a resist done with a watermark stamp and painted over. I actually used a Perfect Medium stamp, because I couldn't find the Ranger Watermark inkpad that was recommended, but the one I had worked just fine. (The class consensus, though, is that Versamark, which is another brand of clear ink, does not work as well, for some reason. I didn't try it myself.) You stamp on the painted background, and then paint over it with watered down acrylic paint before it dries. The black is the paint, which wasn't dry yet when I took this picture; the blue is the stamped image, showing through from the painted background. It's a neat technique. I can think of all sorts of uses for this!

There were a couple more techniques for this week - a distressing technique that also used the watermark stamp pad, and stamping with paint onto canvas. I have had mixed results with that last one, so I'm still playing with it. You're supposed to spray water on it, and the first time I forgot it completely, and the second time I think I used too much. I'll get it right eventually!


Kirsti said...

I couldn't get the perfect medium to work or the VersaMark so bought a water resist...I love the stamp you have used and I was the same with stamping on canvas too but I got there in the end...of to post them later when Mr Blogger stops playing funny beggars and lets me upload photos...Enjoy the rest of your week....x

Mel said...

I think I bought that stamp at Hobby Lobby within the last year or so. The brand is Stampabilities. I like it a lot myself!

Deb said...

Great job - love the stamp. I actually got versa mark to work (the pad needs to be really juicy) but had more trouble initially because I don't have Claudine's paint. I'm finding it fun to learn more about paint and the supplies I have on hand.

Mel said...

Well, I have Claudine's paint - I bought it gradually over the last couple of months and I finally have the whole set now - but I had really no experience with painting so I am really finding this a learning experience too. It's lots of fun!