Monday, November 9, 2009

Blogs, blogging and other people's blogs

I don't usually get tired of talking about myself all that easily, but tonight I'm having trouble thinking of something to say about myself and my jewelry. So I went looking through other people's blogs for inspiration.

Aside: here's a question: how do you define the word "blog"? My friend Col, who I play WoW with, hates the word and won't touch it with a barge-pole. I sort of agree with him in the sense that it's really sort of an ugly, ungainly word, but I use it anyway because it's become part of the language and well, what else am I going to call this thing that I write all the time. But anyway, that's not exactly what I meant, even. Here's the real question - is a "blog" the site as a whole or a single entry, to you? Because there seems to be some disagreement on that point. My opinion is that the blog is the whole "site" - or subsite, in this case, i.e., It's all of my entries considered as a whole. But increasingly you see people using it to mean what I would call a "blog post" - one single piece of writing within that site. People say "my blog that I wrote tonight" or "so-and-so wrote a blog about this subject" and it sounds odd and wrong to me. Is that just me?

Anyway, getting back to the subject of other people's entries, one thing that I noticed in jewelry-blog-land in the last week or so is several reviews (including this one) of this book:

As a matter of fact the book is in my little Amazon store also: Enchanted Adornments. I haven't actually seen it for myself yet, though, so I'm not actually telling you to go buy it! I'm just noting that I have seen several extremely positive reviews and so clearly it's worth checking out. (I might try to get in a side-trip to B&N or somewhere tomorrow, to see if they have it so I can check it out in person.)

Shifting to another kind of jewelry: I have very geeky friends and I know some of them would love to have this pendant of Melissa's with 8 digits of pi. One of these days I may have to have a go at perfecting my metal-stamping, just so I can stamp geeky things like that on metal. I suspect they'd sell extremely well among what my mother used to call "those internet people of yours" (she never did know what to make of my online friends).

Etsy goodness:
(This is making me want to go make jewelry, which is a good thing. Yay!)

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