Sunday, November 8, 2009

New designs

I have a bunch of necklaces hanging on my big Ott-light - things I've made lately and things I've been working on. One thing that's been hanging there a few days is a length of silver chain with nothing on it but an s-hook. To tell you the truth, I'm not entirely sure what I was intending to do with it when I put it there. But instead, I started working on an idea I had when I was putting away beads last week. I have so many white and clear beads I had to have two separate boxes for them. I moved white and off-white into one box and clear and translucent ones into another box, and while I was working on that latter box, I looked at them and saw a color-scheme all of a sudden. I'm thinking of it as icicles although it wouldn't necessarily be something you could only wear in the winter, really. But what I've got so far does look a bit icicle-ish, with the silver chain and the clear and matte white beads in sort of a fringe pattern. I'll get pictures later.

I was going to make another necklace like the "Halloween Leftovers" one - that is, the chain part, with a different focal - only I haven't figured out yet what would look good there. I had some really rough-cut stone stars that came with the October Botmo stuff, and I thought they might work, but I couldn't figure out how to get them to hang right. (I broke one in the process, and two more became a pair of earrings. They look cute.) (And hmm, I wonder if I could use several of the little star beads from that same bunch ... maybe with some chain?)

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