Thursday, November 19, 2009


You really need to read 2012 in Fifteen Minutes. (And by "you" I mean "everybody". Because it's funny, and especially because it may save you from actually having to see 2012.) Also, in other movie news, we went to see Pirate Radio last weekend, while everybody else was apparently going to see the aforementioned disaster-of-the-month thingamajig, and I really liked it. If you hate 60s music, you will probably hate it. Otherwise, it's not a bad way to spend a couple of hours.

I am "of a certain age," as they say - ok, I am 49 and I was born in 1960, to be exact - and so I have a fondness for 60s music that I don't think I'll ever lose. It's the music of my childhood. I've never really identified as a Baby Boomer even though I technically am one, I guess - possibly I'm not the only one who feels that way, because lately I have heard "Generation Jones" as a name for the in-between ones like me, sandwiched between the Baby Boom and Gen X, although I'm never sure quite what that's supposed to mean, exactly. (Huh, Jones as in "keeping up with" according to Wikipedia.) Since I was born in a nice round year, for me the 60s were grade school, the 70s were junior high though my first couple of years of college, the 80s were my 20s, and so forth. Regarding music, I think I'm pretty eclectic - if you look at my iTunes list I think you might have trouble figuring out what I like, exactly, because it's all over the map. I have country and rock and all kinds of stuff from "American Idol" and soundtracks and - well, like I said, eclectic.

I don't know much about how generational differences intersect with people's taste in jewelry - I'd like to know more about that. (I clicked from Wikipedia over to this page, and I was watching one of the videos there, which said that Gen Jones is "more persuadable" than Baby Boomers or Gen X - which is interesting. I know that I put more of a premium on being open-minded than a lot of people I know. Maybe that's part of the same thing!)

I'm still making donuts - it's an obsession. I made a siam one (with the chocolate Delicas) and then a padparascha one with gold Delicas, which was really glitzy. I'll probably be making more with the gold ones, but meanwhile I picked up some "vintage rose" bicones, which are really pale and I'm trying them with white Delicas instead.

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