Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Earrings, and a necklace

I made another pair of decoupage cylinder earrings:

Actually I don't know that I ever put a picture of the other pair like this here, although they're in the Etsy shop and you should be able to see them in the widget over to the right of this entry. Both of these are completely unrelated to the round decoupage beads which my sister has been making, and which I have not managed to get into a completed form yet. I bought these beads - the paisley cylinders - from Etsy seller ParrishLin a few weeks ago. I bought a wholesale lot of earring pairs, basically - there were nine pairs and they were all different. Furthermore, she said that this was a trial run, that it was her original design and she does not intend to make any more of these, which means that each pair is genuinely one of a kind. I like them, they have a fun sort of hippie-boho vibe to them. Hopefully somebody besides me will like them too! However, the pair above is the one I decided I'm keeping for myself. (You can also get a view of parts of my organizational system on top of my jewelry table, there. It's still not terribly well-organized but it's improved greatly from a few weeks ago.)

Here's a pair of earrings that probably will be showing up on Etsy - they are also a bit different, but I really like them:

They are rough-cut stars of some stone, and I put gunmetal findings on them. I think it matches perfectly.

This pair will also be going up, I think - dark red lampwork beads by Amy Houston:

Oh, and here's the necklace I was talking about the other day, with the crystal beads:

It's not anywhere near finished - I'm trying to figure out how to space out the beads and how far up to go with the beaded dangles. It goes pretty fast, though, and it's giving me a lot of good wire-wrapping practice!

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