Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Donut mania

Here are the new "donuts":

I talked about the top two here so I won't repeat myself on that!
  • The yellow one is jonquil (4mm) bicones and Delicas in "lemon ice". These two colors are so similar I can't tell looking at the picture what part is crystals and what is Delicas.
  • The purple one is cyclamen opal and the Delicas are silver-lined purple. (So far I think the opals look just as good as the non-opal ones.)
  • The dark one is Swarovski "mocca" bicones and silver-lined chocolate Delicas.
  • The last one (which is unfinished in the picture) is my favorite, I think. The Delicas are the same color as the last one, SL chocolate, but they look rather different next to the oranges, it seems to me. (They look sort of bronze.) I didn't have enough fire opals to do one with them only, but I had extras of Indian red and padparascha, so I decided to use all three, instead. I just made sure I staggered them out.

(I was going to add the picture of the stuff I bought this weekend, but the computer just ate it. I'm sleepy so I think I'll save it for tomorrow.)

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