Friday, November 6, 2009

Elise's sale, and Botmo signups

I've talked a good bit about Botmo (that is, Elise's Beads of the Month program, on LJ) here, so I thought I should pass the news along that she is having a sale. She makes lovely stuff and her sales are fun because she keeps on marking things down unexpectedly until the end of the sale. So it's almost like a reverse auction, really. Also she is going to start taking signups for next year's Botmo starting today. I'm trying to decide - in 2008, when I joined, I got the little packages every month; last year I got the medium size, but not every month. So that was a bigger package less often, which was more fun, really. So I think I will do something like that again next year. I mean, really,where else can you get bits of meteorite and dinosaur bone, except maybe Tucson or someplace like that? And I sure can't afford to go to Tucson, more's the pity!

Oh, also, be sure to look at the names of her pieces. They are poetry, it's great.


Holly said...

Very cool! The stuff in your Etsy shop looks great! :D

Mel said...

Thanks! I'm still fighting the urge to be all perfectionist-crazy about it, but I'm trying to get over it!