Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I was working on a Christmas ornament last night - I'm using 24 gauge wire on it - and before I knew what I was doing I practically sawed through my thumbnail. Not to the quick, at least, but darn near. I did that lately on the other thumbnail and it was painful. (When I've been keeping my nails painted, like I have been lately, they get really long, and that's when I start having problems with them breaking in the wrong places.) Here's the ornament, taken a week or two ago:

I've been calling this "my obsession" lately, because once I start working on it, I can't seem to stop, and I've used up almost a whole spool of wire - it's one of those spools of copper wire you get at Hobby Lobby, you know? I think I'm going to have to start in on a second spool if I'm going to finish. The really obsessive part is that I'm trying a little too hard to cover up every single bit of the steel frame. I may not have any fingernails at all by the time I finish.

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RedThreadDIY said...

It turned out really well! I love it!