Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is anybody out there?

Just nodcomment if you can hear me, ok? I just get to wondering if anybody's actually reading this, from time to time! (I'm not intending to let it stop me, but some feedback would be most welcome.)

Here are some of the decoupage beads my sister sent me:

These are supposed to be prototypes - some of them are quite bumpy - but I think they are really pretty just the same. I'm intending to put some of them up on Etsy eventually if I can figure out how to get them into necklace form. The main problem is (I think I mentioned this before) that some of them have really huge holes - like, a 10mm rondelle fell INSIDE the hole! And then the smaller ones don't have big holes at all. I am experimenting with chain and cord and such, and we'll see what I come up with.

The aqua-colored beads that I thought were so beautiful turn out to have some fairly serious scratches on them - it doesn't stop them from being beautiful but I think it's going to stop me from asking as much as I would like to for this necklace, when it's finished:

Anyway, the beads are still awesome, and the scratch doesn't affect the color at all, so I'm intending to go ahead and list it - maybe I'll create a "SALE" category just for this, and say it's As Is. I would just take off the one that's got the most serious scratch, if I had more of them, but these five are all I have - I think these may have been Botmo beads - and I don't think it'd look as pretty with less than five. I have no idea where the scratch came from - I actually tried to mar another one up, and I couldn't even make a dent in the thing.

(I would rename this entry something like Imperfect, since that's what it seems to be about, except I sort of like the title I started with, too.)

Off to work on more jewelry!


RedThreadDIY said...

I'm reading! I love your posts - keep it up! :D

Mel said...

Yay! Thank you!